you are the light
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Dirk/Akihiko | ♎ | 19
"The sun drifts lazily in this leafy space."

Fictionkin of Akihiko Usami and Dirk Strider (?)

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Aoba: “Do you know why i used that model, even though it was older? Because you’re precious to me! So precious that i would always fix you. I’ll keep saying it. I don’t want you to disappear. I need you. So please, stay by my side.”
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Junjou Romantica OVA || Kamijou Hiroki

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glamorous // fergie feat. ludacris

if you ain’t got no money
take your broke ass home

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Thank you.”

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If you’re following me on any other social media you’ll notice I use this icon a lot but the thing is it feels really comfortable. Like this is literally me. Literally just. Just fuckign

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二面性 | イカなつPlease do not remove source


二面性 | イカなつ
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Isadora’s flailing.

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クリ蒼 | mug 
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